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It’s crucial that the damages you collect from your lawsuit properly reflect the amount of compensation necessary for you to live out the rest of your life post-injury.  Only an experienced law firm will know the complex steps to take to ensure that happens.   Special Damages In West Virginia, there are two types of… Read More

When you file a case with the Segal Law Firm, we understand your number one priority is healing and getting protection for you and your family. That’s why we try to keep your time commitment to a minimum.   Your main job is going to be providing us with necessary information so we can find… Read More

Discovery takes place in both state and federal court after your lawsuit is filed and before it’s tried in the courtroom.   Deposition When a lawsuit is filed, both sides have the right to get answers from the other using a process called deposition, which is basically questioning under oath. When the other side questions… Read More

Every lawsuit has two parts to it. Liability– what happened and who is at fault? And damages– how badly are you hurt and how will that affect the rest of your life?   If your attorney doesn’t have enough experience with catastrophic injury cases, they won’t get you the amount of damages you need to… Read More

Legal terms are often thrown around without people knowing exactly what they mean. One of those terms is ‘negligence.’ There are three basic types of negligence that can lead to catastrophic injuries- active, passive and reckless.   Active Active negligence might be the easiest to understand. It’s doing an act that leads to someone being… Read More