I Received the Wrong Medication from My Pharmacist, What Can I Do?

Few people know that pharmacy technicians are actually the individuals who pull the pharmacy stock bottles off the shelf and fill your prescriptions. They are not pharmacists. Technicians may have limited education and must be supervised by a licensed pharmacist. Pharmacists must check each and every prescription filled by a technician that leaves the pharmacy. Failure of pharmacists to properly supervise their technicians cause many medication errors each year. What kind of mistakes can be made by Pharmacy Technicians? A large majority of medication errors involve patients either getting the wrong dose of medication or the wrong medication altogether. In these circumstances, either the pharmacist or a pharmacy technician either dispensed the wrong medication or the wrong dose, or they may have typed the instruction label incorrectly. Pharmacies must have rules and regulations in place in an effort to catch these mistakes. In most instances, the rules are not being followed and as a result, mistakes occur. What should be done? Many states require pharmacists to counsel patients about the medications that they have been prescribed. Pharmacists must make sure that a patient understands why the medication is being prescribed, what the medication is, how to take the medication, as […]

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