Birth Injury

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West Virginia Birth Injury Cases

Birth injuries are any trauma or injuries that occur to a baby during labor and delivery. Injuries can range from mild bruising and lacerations which resolve on their own to severe injuries that result in permanent physical disabilities like cerebral palsy and/or paralysis. Birth injuries can be the tragic result of medical errors or negligence.

Birth injuries can be evident immediately after birth in some instances. Indications that a birth injury may have occurred might include low Apgar scores, the baby being pale or blue in color, slow breathing and/or heart rate or resuscitation efforts. Often, the injury is not identified for years until the child misses key developmental milestones or reaches school age and learning disabilities become apparent.

Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys will investigate the circumstances surrounding the birth injury impacting your family. We use medical experts to review medical records and documentation from the medical facility as well as records from specialists who have treated the child. These experts can determine whether medical malpractice or delivery errors contributed to the child’s injury or disease, even if it is years down the road.