Wrongful Death

Family grieving after wrongful death

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West Virginia Wrongful Death Attorney

A wrongful death is an occurrence wherein your loved one has been fatally injured due to another’s negligence or outright wrongdoing.  Losing a loved one is emotionally traumatizing and not easily confronted.  During this extremely difficult time in your life, it is best to obtain the services of our caring and compassionate attorneys from The Segal Law Firm.

A West Virginia personal injury attorney at your side can work to safeguard your rights. Following such an event, you likely will have many questions and concerns on what your next step should be.  Our dedicated attorneys will be strong advocates on your behalf and will represent you with understanding and concern.

In a wrongful death claim, the surviving family is eligible for monetary damages for the loss of their loved one.  It is obvious that money will not replace the loss of your loved one. However, by filing a wrongful death claim you have the right to legal recourse and compensation.  Some of the areas where a wrongful death claim can be filed include:

  • Automobile or pedestrian accidents
  • Coal Mine accidents
  • Timbering and Logging accidents
  • Heavy Equipment accidents
  • Toxic Chemical Exposure
  • Construction accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Mesothelioma
  • Electrical accidents
  • Medical malpractice leading to a death
  • Defective drugs or medical devices
  • Work-related exposure to hazardous substances or conditions, including benzene and asbestos
  • Truck accidents
  • Aviation accidents
  • Hospital negligence
  • Maritime/Jones Act accidents
  • Railroad accidents
  • Train derailments
  • Workplace accidents

West Virginia Lawyer handling Wrongful Death

Effects from the loss of a loved one are immediate and severe.  You will be confronted with unexpected costs you can ill afford, such as funeral expenses and emergency medical service bills.  Allow The Segal Law Firm to take over the task of working to obtain proper compensation for you and your family at this difficult time.  Part of the award you may receive as a result of the wrongful death claim may include an overall sum to compensate you for funeral services, medical expenses, loss of potential future earnings, as well as the emotional loss of your loved one.

Our highly skilled attorneys at The Segal Law Firm will aggressively pursue an equitable settlement for you and your family or advance the case to trial.  Due to the severity of the loss, it is urgent that you contact us without delay to begin the process.  Contact our office for a free in depth consultation. Contact a West Virginia wrongful death attorney at The Segal Law Firm today.