Truck Accidents

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West Virginia Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a truck accident you need to be aware that these types of accidents require a completely different set of legal skills and knowledge than a car accident.  There are various factors and complexities that can greatly affect the outcome of your claim. It would be wise in such a situation to contact a West Virginia personal injury attorney to assist you with the proper handling of your trucking accident case.

There are certain factors that will greatly affect the proper handling of your truck accident.Trucks are federally regulated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Therefore, our investigation will be focused on any violations of the many regulations that truckers are required to follow.  Because trucks normally haul for different parties, liability issues can become extremely complex.  Who the “at fault” party is can be clouded by leases, ownership of each component of the truck, such as the tractor, trailer, and the goods themselves.  The driver of the truck may be an owner, or he may be an employee.  All of these issues must be taken into consideration in determining liability and developing a successful lawsuit.

Truck companies normally have large insurance policy requirements due to the likelihood of severe injuries that they can cause in an accident.  Therefore, any claim you present must be thoroughly documented to support the damages being sought.  It is our experience that trucking companies have highly experienced claims adjusters and attorneys representing them.  With the possible catastrophic injuries that can occur in a truck accident, having an experienced truck accident attorney from The Segal Law Firm at your side is crucial.

Truck Accidents Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you have likely suffered significant physical injury and property damage.  This type of accident can leave you feeling confused and uncertain of what to do next.  Being contacted by an aggressive insurance adjuster from a trucking company can be intimidating.   It is vital in a truck accident to obtain the services of a competent truck accident attorney who knows how to deal with truck cases.  Due to the complexity in truck accidents, many issues need to be addressed.  Our team of attorneys will spend a considerable amount of time reviewing in detail the facts of the accident in order to properly document all aspects of your truck accident case. A successful resolution through settlement or trial is our goal.

Due to the severity of this type of a claim, it is essential to contact The Segal Law Firm without delay to properly evaluate and prepare your case.

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