What type of Lawyer Handles Car Wrecks and Trucking Accidents?

Is There a Specific Type of Lawyer that Handles a Car Wreck or Trucking Accident? With regards to car wrecks, it depends. There are some car wrecks that are very simple. The injuries are not profound or life changing. Personal injury lawyers or trial lawyers handle these cases on a regular basis. At the Segal Law firm, we tend to focus more on serious life-altering cases where people involved in car wrecks have been killed or paralyzed, lost a limb, suffered blindness or suffered a serious head injury which results in them not being able to continue working and providing for their family. You want to have a lawyer who has not only prepared a car wreck case for settlement but has tried them in a court of law to a jury. You have to look at a lot of factors in a car wreck because sometimes there is evidence that people overlook. You may see someone who is in a rather mild car wreck but they suffer paralysis. Everyone is scratching his or her head saying, “Well, how did that happen?” But it turns out, when you look under the seat, the seat belts are sheared off. So obviously […]

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Tractor Trailers and Traffic Laws: What you Need to Know

The result of two objects coming together, one of which is your car and the other of which is something that weighs tens of thousands of pounds, is not going to be a good result. And you don’t have to be a physicist or a scientist to understand that if a tractor-trailer hits you in your little car or your SUV or your minivan, you and your family are going to be seriously hurt or killed. What Regulations Affect Truck Driving? There are a whole set of complicated federal regulations and you need an attorney that knows the federal regulatory system inside and out, and knows how to develop a tractor-trailer case. Federal Laws regulate how many hours they are allowed to drive so many truckers keep two sets of logbooks. One set is the driving time that they get paid for. The other logbook is the driving time they show the state troopers, or they show the federal regulators, or they show the truck stop operator. Equipment Regulations The equipment, the rig, how often it has to be inspected, how it has to be maintained – those are all things that are regulated by the federal government. Often, we

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Tractor Trailer Accidents: Choosing Your Attorney

The best lawyer to help in a tractor trailer accident is a one who has experience with the Federal Motor Vehicle’s rules and regulations that apply to tractor trailers and their drivers. Many people think that the drivers of these rigs can just hop in their truck and drive, like we do with our passenger vehicles. Well, this simply isn’t true. They are regulated by a completely different set of rules and regulations. There are laws about training, how many hours can be driven, when the rig needs to be maintained, and so on. These laws are strict and extensive and your attorney needs to understand them thoroughly if they are going to represent you in a case. There are several tools we use to find the cause of a tractor trailer accident, one of those being black boxes. I’m sure many of our readers know what a black box is from hearing about it during airplane crashes. Well, tractor trailers are now equipped with basically the same thing. Using them, we can investigate to find what regulations have been broken. What was the driver doing at the time of the wreck? Was he or she speeding? Had they been

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What Causes a Coal Truck Tragedy?

Here at The Segal Law Firm, we have seen every kind of coal truck accident. These wrecks are almost always devastating, especially if a passenger vehicle is involved. Coal truck drivers have a special set of federal regulations that must be followed at all times, but, unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Lack of caution, fatigue, speed and impaired driving are common causes of negligence. If I have a client who has been hurt or killed in one of these tragedies, I work hard to figure out what caused it and who we can sue to get the victim as much help as possible. Too Fast, Too Heavy Speed is definitely a major culprit in coal truck accidents. We see a lot of wrecks where the road was narrow or curvy and the driver is simply going way too fast. They might be overloaded, but even if they aren’t, it’s not hard to speed when you weigh that much. Because of the truck’s size, if it collides with a passenger vehicle, it’s not going to be pretty. When we are investigating a case, we usually start looking for signs of speeding from the get-go; various types of reconstruction, skid marks and

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