Back Injuries can occur in any work place. These are questions that a lot of people could have – no matter their career:

          1. What are the most common causes of back injuries in the workplace?

          2. How are back injuries in the workplace handled legally?

Is the Injury a Worker’s Compensation Case?

The back injury situation, with regard to workplace injuries, is a complicated one. First of all, if they suffer a back injury while they are working for their employer and it is no one else’s fault, it is a workers compensation case. Now on the other hand, if you hurt your back working at a power plant, a chemical plant or an industrial facility while working for your employer, you may have a different type of lawsuit.

Timing is Important

It’s important that you call early, tell us what happened, who you were working for and see if we can figure out a way to help. A lot of times people hurt their backs in a situation where they are either being required to lift too much or lift something in a confined space where they can’t possibly do it safely. Other times it can be a falling situation where the worker is unaware. A young West Virginia boy actually fell through the floor of an industrial facility in Alabama because the workers on the night shift didn’t cover up a hole in the floor. The kid broke his back.

Spinal Cord Injuries

One part of back injuries is an injury to the spinal cord. Your spinal cord is akin to the telephone wires in your house. It sends the signal to all of your body parts. And if you hurt that, you can cut the signal off and cause paralysis. Just a bruise on your spinal cord can cause you to lose bodily functions from the ability to move fingers to breathing.

Spinal cord injuries require very experienced lawyers because in dealing with the spinal cord injury, you’re going to have a lot of experts. Neurosurgeons, neurologists, radiology experts to explain certain images to the jury, a life care planner to explain what types of wheel chair, medical devices and help this person is going to need throughout the rest of their life. And you’ve got to know who these experts are, where they reside and how they can help your client.

Experience is Key

So you need to get ahold of an experienced lawyer – someone who knows how to answer these questions and always ask the question, “Have you handled a case like mine before? And have you tried a case like mine before?” It is very important because you want a lawyer who can answer your questions based on experience not guessing.

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