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Nursing Home Abuse Cases

“If I’m from out of state and am hurt in West Virginia, is it necessary to have a West Virginia lawyer?” I don’t think I’d use the word ‘necessary,’ but I certainly think it’s in your best interest.   A West Virginia lawyer with the kind of experience the we have at The Segal Law… Read More

The answer is pretty simple: a mass tort case involves a large group of people who were hurt by a singular event. The most famous one in West Virginia was probably the Upper Big Branch disaster, which took the lives of twenty-nine people as a result of one explosion. Another example would be the asbestos… Read More

Class action lawsuits are a vehicle for several people with a similar type claim to bring a case against the same defendant all at once. Usually it involves everyone getting hurt by the same medicine or getting overcharged by the same financial institution. The good news is, you’re offered plenty of protection as part of… Read More

There are two critical pieces a good lawyer must have to handle a nursing home case. First is experience with nursing home cases and knowledge of the state and federal regulations that affect them. More importantly, your lawyer must have a deep compassion for the elderly. Other than our children, our elderly are the most… Read More

In West Virginia, as in most states, the best lawyer for nursing home abuse cases is one who is experienced in these situations. Segal Law Firm consults with a large number of former nursing home administrators, nurses and various other people who are familiar with nursing home protocol. These people offer opinions on whether or… Read More