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West Virginia Courts and Laws

In West Virginia, almost all judges require mediation before trial. It’s basically an attempt for both sides to work with an impartial party to try to agree on an amount of money that would be sufficient for the plaintiff.   Mediations can occur both early on and later in the case. Because we usually deal… Read More

It’s crucial that the damages you collect from your lawsuit properly reflect the amount of compensation necessary for you to live out the rest of your life post-injury.  Only an experienced law firm will know the complex steps to take to ensure that happens.   Special Damages In West Virginia, there are two types of… Read More

The law that protects people who have been hurt in accidents is extremely complex. Yes, you do have two years in most cases to file your lawsuit. But it’s important that you understand right away what your legal rights are, so that critical information isn’t missed and evidence doesn’t disappear.   Evidence is NOT like… Read More

If you are seeking the services of a lawyer, it may be confusing when you see lawyers who call themselves accident lawyers or injury lawyers, and you may wonder how they differentiate between the two. In my opinion, there really is no difference and although lawyers may state they specialize in specific areas, what really… Read More

Here in West Virginia, the average cost to hire a competent and experienced injury lawyer ranges between 25 and 40%, and that will depend on the actual costs and complexity associated with your case. The Segal Law Firm sometimes has cases where there isn’t a lot of insurance available as a result of an automobile… Read More