Law Firms in West Virginia who predominantly represent injured workers generally work on a contingency fee basis. All that really means is that we only get paid if we win you money. But you’ve got to have that in writing. There are expenses that go into making a great case that also have to be spelled out and you’ve got to find a law firm that has the financial wherewithal to cover those, too. At The Segal Law Firm, you know upfront what you’ll be paying for and when you’ll be paying for it. And it’s not until after we’ve won.


We use the contingency fee because we know that the average working man or woman simply can’t afford an experienced, big-name law firm. That’s why we say, if we win your case, you’re going to give us a percentage of that money. It might be thirty, thirty-five or forty percent, depending on the complexity of the case. There’s a law that says that as long as it’s in writing, it’s okay for a lawyer to charge the percentage of the winnings that he or she accomplishes for that family.


In addition to a percentage, there are also the expenses of the trial. At The Segal Law Firm, we use world-class experts from all over the country. I don’t just hire someone that has a diploma on the wall. If I have to go to Seattle to get the best mesothelioma lung doctor, that’s where I’m going to go. The best experts are expensive and deserve a large hourly rate. In an aviation case, those expenses might run a hundred thousand dollars or more. In a mesothelioma case, you’re talking about thirty to fifty thousand dollars.


Very few families have the money it takes to hire the experts, especially in the complex cases. We pay those expenses up front and, once again, if we win, we got those expenses back. This is a wonderful way to allow our injured citizens access to the courtroom, justice and a remedy because they don’t have to pay for it until they know they’re getting a monetary settlement. You definitely want to have a lawyer that has the experience and financial stability to hire the right people for your case.


As I always say, you’ve got to pick the phone and ask a potential lawyer the hard questions. What will your percentage be? What is an estimate of your expenses? No one can give you an exact amount, but he or she should be able to give you a ballpark of what it’s going to cost to litigate your case. And make sure they put it writing. It’s got to be written in black and white and signed by you and the law firm. We can answer any and all questions you have about contingency fee percentages, expenses and anything else related to your injury case. Give us a toll free call at 855-344-9100.