Here in West Virginia, we’ve got a bunch of new sources of natural gas that have recently been discovered. It’s kind of like the gold rush of the twenties out here! There are people coming from all over wanting to drill a well. The problem is, with all of the chaos, safety rules are sometimes put aside in favor of more profit. All of sudden, instead of doing it the right way, it’s about 80% of the right way and then 70% and so on. When you start cutting corners like that, people start to get burned. These environments have got very strict rules about how the rig needs to be set up and operated to protect the worker and if those are broken and you get injured, you need an attorney who can get you some help.

The equipment that’s running the rig, that’s drawing off the gases, pumping, and filtering, must be maintained in a manner so as not to cause ignition sources or leaks. I think the reason you’re reading a lot more about these burn injuries is because too many drilling companies are willing to put aside their workers’ safety to make a quick buck on this very available natural gas. They are putting a perfectly good wage earner in an environment that can blow up at any minute. When tragedy like that strikes, all of sudden this guy or gal can no longer take care of the family.

The really unfortunate thing in a lot of these cases is that many workers are told that their only source of help is worker’s compensation, especially if they are from out of state. They don’t realize they can file a lawsuit. In West Virginia, this is your right. You need to get a hold of an experienced law firm and tell them what happened. Chances are, if rules and regulations have been broken, you have a case on your hands. If you call me at The Segal Law Firm, I need to find out how you got hurt, which piece of equipment was the source of the ignition, where it was leased from and who the contractors or subcontractors were on the jobsite. It is going to take an experienced lawyer who understands the industry to get you the help you deserve.

These worksites are treacherous and unsafe under even the best conditions. If men and women are going to be asked to work under these conditions, then the least the companies can do is follow the rules. If you do get injured or killed in a burn accident, you and your family have rights that go far beyond worker’s comp. Here at The Segal Law Firm use what’s called forensic accountants. These folks help us prove to the insurance companies, and ultimately the jury, how much money you would have earned to take care of your family had this horrible thing not happened to you. That’s just the beginning the damages we seek on your behalf. If you’ve been burned, injured or, God forbid, had a family member killed in an rig accident, please do yourself a huge favor and give us a call. Let’s see if we can help you get more the just worker’s compensation to cover your family. You can reach us 855-344-9100.