In the last few blog posts, I’ve said over and over, the sooner you call us after an accident the better. But what if the victim is completely incapacitated or in a coma? Is there anyway to move forward with the case? The answer is- absolutely. I’ve gotten calls from husbands, wives, children, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors and even policemen and firemen. The call is still free for you as a loved one or friend. I can give you the same advice that I would give the victim, so that we can make sure critical evidence for their case doesn’t disappear.

I get calls from family members all the time with a loved one in the hospital who is unable to communicate. If it’s a spouse or the parent of a child under the age of eighteen, not only can I give the advice, we can actually bring the case in court. In a case where death is involved, that person is going to be called the executor or administrator. I can actually start sending out letters saying that we don’t want important evidence to be destroyed. I can do that for people who are lying in a bed in a coma, but I can’t do it if nobody calls.

I’ve seen situations where a wife has been told by her husband’s doctor that he may never walk again, go back to work or come out of the coma at all. In these instances, the wife of the victim is conscious, but she’s completely overwhelmed and distraught by the information coming at her. It’s not unusual for a friend or neighbor to make the call to my office. Can I help? Of course I can. I can come by the hospital to meet the family or go to their home. There are several different ways we can coordinate that initial meeting, but the important thing is that someone called me. I can give advice to anyone who will pass the message along to the injured party or family when the time is right.

Like I’ve said many times, the phone call is free. Why not at least get some answers for a friend or yours or a family member, while they are in no shape to get them on their own? I can tell you what the legal options are for the victim and his or her family. Call us sooner rather than later to make sure evidence that is crucial to your loved one’s case doesn’t get destroyed. We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen and can be reached at 855-344-9100.