Child playing with playdohChildren love to play.  We all want to provide our children with fun and imaginative toys, and we expect toys to be safe. But when toys are dangerous, tragedy and injuries can be the result.

Did you know…

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of children are hurt in the United States every year while playing with toys their parents believed were safe?  Some injuries are slight, but others require trips to the emergency room and some can even result in death.

What are the risks?

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regularly announces recalls of dangerous toys.  However, many of the unsafe toys remain on store shelves or continue to be played with by unsuspecting children.

The risks from dangerous toys are many, including:

  • exposure to toxic levels of lead paint
  • chemicals and heavy metals
  • exposure to choking hazards
  • strangulation hazards
  • fire and burn dangers

Has your child been injured by playing with a toy? If so, please call The Segal Law Firm so we can determine whether there is a meritorious lawsuit to be brought on behalf of your child.