When it comes to fighting coal companies, you’ve got to have someone in your corner that is willing to fight the bully. We’re talking about multi-million dollar companies that are willing to play dirty and coal miners know that. At The Segal Law Firm, we not only have the financial security to go round after round with these guys, we have the experience it takes to handle the complexities that coal mining cases bring.


We have dealt with cases from the Upper Big Branch disaster, Aracoma and even one going as far back as the Farmington disaster, which was more than four decades ago. There are very complex federal and state regulations that are going to determine whether or not we can bring a suit. And those state and federal regulations are the hallmark of every major coal injury or death case in our state.


Families have a right to certain types of information from both the federal and state agencies, and your lawyer has to know how to get that information and know how to use it. Because the complexity of the regulations, it’s kind of like a mine field in itself. You want to be sure that you’ve got a lawyer that knows how to get you and your family through that process.


In serious mine cases, you also need the right experts. Experts are typically retired mine engineers or retired mine investigators. Those are the kind of people you want to have on your side to prove your case. They help us prove that you were injured because the coal company put profits ahead of your safety.


We’ve seen it all at The Segal Law Firm. I’ve seen people that didn’t even have the proper license or training to be operating the equipment that hurt or killed someone. I have seen coal companies absolutely ignore the ventilation plan or roof bolting that was approved by the state and federal government. How will your lawyer prove those things if he or she doesn’t even know what they are in the first place?


I’ve been down in the deep mines and seen where a miner was hung by a roof bolter. On the strip mines, I’ve driven the rock trucks. I do these things to try and understand why something went wrong in the coal mine and I’m happy to share that experience with you. You’ve got to ask us the tough questions and demand to know our experience. If your lawyer can’t tell you about it, chances are he or she is not the right one for you.


We’ve got a toll free number that you can call and speak directly to me or one of my fellow lawyers. We’re available to answer your questions at 855-344-9100.