Site of small plane crash. Police line do not cross.Aviation accidents can be some of the most traumatic experiences one may have, and it is important to know the laws that govern such accidents so that your rights as a victim are not impeded upon, no matter if it was a private or commercial aircraft.

Who regulates aviation accident laws?

The laws pertaining to commercial and private aircraft are predominantly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).   These are highly technical and extremely complex regulatory guidelines which apply differently to each type of commercial and private aircraft. In fact, some regulations apply differently depending upon the type, size and weight of aircraft, as well as whether they are being used for private or commercial reasons.

What affects liability?

You should also note that the law of the state where the crash occurs will affect liability, regardless of the federal regulatory scheme. Because of the complexity of these laws, it is important that you consult with a law firm who has experience with both state and federal law in aviation accidents so that you are sure that you are bringing the right type of lawsuit and making the right type of claim on behalf of yourself or a deceased family member.

The Segal Law Firm has many years of experience dealing with state and federal laws as they affect aviation and apply to aircraft crash cases.  If you have more questions concerning the laws which apply to commercial or private aircraft cases, please feel free to contact Scott Segal at The Segal Law Firm at 855-344-9100.