If you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma, finding an experienced lawyer to try your case is crucial. While you do have some time to figure these things out, you really don’t want to risk waiting too long. You have what’s called a statute of limitations, which means you only have so much time to file your suit before you become barred from ever getting the help you deserve. I don’t want want that to happen to anyone coming to me with questions, so let’s get it cleared up now.

Generally speaking, you have two years from the date your doctor diagnosis you with mesothelioma. Now, remember, this is from the exact date that your medical records reflect, not when you think is might have been. You have exactly two years from that date to get your case filed in a court of law. One of the twists to this is, sometimes the diagnosis is not made until at or right before death. In this case, the family has two years from the date on the death certificate to file a claim. Once two years have passed, the family is forever barred from any legal claim.

As a rule of thumb, if you’ve gotten your diagnosis, you want to start making your legal calls as quickly as possible. Many people meet with me and say that think it may of been April or it may have been June when they heard they had cancer. At that point, I’ve got to get on the phone immediately and order the medical records and get the exact date. We can make sure you are within your two year rights, but you’ve got to call us first!

If you’re diagnosed with mesothelioma, you need to meet with someone who’s an experienced mesothelioma lawyer within the month, because there are plenty of questions you’re going to need answered. We’ll immediately start collecting information so we can get your case filed within the statute of limitations. Here at The Segal Law Firm, we know exactly what questions to ask so we can quickly get your case settled, or tried in a court, if that’s what you choose.

The statute of limitations is something that I tell workers, don’t wait a year, don’t wait two years. You need to find an attorney now. Ask your co-workers, ask union hall folks, get on the internet and see who has the experience. Get it researched. You can pull up all of my mesothelioma verdicts and I’m proud at what you will find. Get it researched and come see us sooner rather than later. In fact, you don’t even need to wait until you have a diagnosis to give me a call. I talk to several people a week who haven’t been diagnosed, but who feel they are at risk. The benefit of starting the conversation is that we can be miles ahead if you do get the official word that you’ve developed the cancer. Knowing I have you taken care of will hopefully give you peace of mind, should you ever fall victim to the cancer.

The moral of the story is: call us. We are here to make this process as easy as possible for you so that you can take care of the more important things. We want to do that for you. The best way we can do that is by getting us involved early. The two years after a diagnosis can fly by because you have so much to think about, so give us the legal reigns and let us make sure you are protected. You can call us any time at 855-344-9100.