You may have two years to file a lawsuit, but trust me when I say that you don’t want to wait that long to call an attorney. The fact of the matter is- evidence disappears. The longer you wait to call, the harder and harder it gets to bring your case. It doesn’t matter what type of case it is; tractor trailer, coal mining or mesothelioma. You need to call The Segal Law Firm as soon as you’ve been in accident so that we can make sure critical evidence doesn’t disappear right out from under you.

Tractor Trailer Wrecks
If you’ve been in a tractor trailer accident, it’s imperative that you or a family member call us immediately after you wake up in the hospital. We’re going to want the black box from the truck, the driver’s log books, the GPS information and the home office data about where the truck was and how fast it was going. Those are all pieces of evidence that are going to disappear pretty quickly it you’re sitting around waiting for two years to give us a call.

Coal Mining Accidents
When it comes to coal mining accidents, we’ve got to be a part of the investigation as soon as it occurs. There could be a seal order from the federal or state government that shuts the mine down and seals it. Your evidence may be buried in there forever. So, waiting two years in that situation is not going to be helpful for your family. You need someone who is monitoring that investigation for you and that’s what we can do here at The Segal Law Firm, but only if you call us immediately.

Mesothelioma Victims
Mesothelioma cases are some of the most difficult cases we deal with because they almost always result in fatality. In the two years that we have to file your mesothelioma case, I could be collecting data from you about where you worked and what years you worked there. We could do a video deposition so that the jury can get to see you and understand who you are, if God forbid you should pass away before the trial. When they are looking at your widow, they will know why she loved you and what kind of person you were, because we have the video of you telling your story. If you just sit around and wait, that evidence will be gone the day you go on to heaven. Please give us a call right away so that we make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Car Wrecks- Not Always So Simple
I think a lot of people believe that lawyers do car wreck cases all the time, so they don’t need to call us so soon after an accident. That just isn’t the case. What if you got into an accident and were paralyzed or lost your leg and you wait two years to call me about it? Then, I call the wrecker service and ask them for the vehicle of the drunk who hit you, only to find out that they salvaged that car a year ago. Where do we go from there? That critical evidence could have helped you prove your case, but it’s long gone now. You’ve got to call me so I can take care of it from the beginning.

Every case is different, but I can tell you from thirty-plus experience that it’s always better to call us sooner than later. Whether it’s a helicopter crash or a deep mine accident, I can probably tell you what the case is going to look like and what needs to happen. And if the case involves federal or state regulation, I can tell you almost exactly what the process will be because of what the law requires. So, why sit around wringing your hands when you can just pick up the phone, call me toll free, and ask me what you need to do if your husband can’t go back to work? The advice is free. Call us now so that your evidence doesn’t disappear. We are standing by at 855-344-9100.