First Steps in a Catastrophic Injury Case

If your loved one has been involved in an accident that resulted in a catastrophic injury, you must speak to a lawyer right away. Evidence does not get better- it disappears. We at The Segal Law Firm have the experience to investigate these types of cases to make sure that no piece of evidence goes unnoticed, but only if you call us sooner rather than later.


Because these catastrophic cases usually result in life-altering injuries, our first meetings with clients often take place in burn centers, rehabilitation centers, or even in critical care. During that meeting, we meet with the family and let them know what we can do to protect their legal rights. We want to get all of their questions answered to make sure they feel we are the right fit for their case.


If a client or family member decides that they’d like The Segal Law Firm to represent them, we provide a contingency fee contract. This is a written agreement guaranteeing that they will only pay attorney’s fees if we win them money, either by settlement or verdict.


So why is it so important that we have this first meeting as soon as possible? Let me tell you about a case we are dealing with right now at The Segal Law Firm. Recently, a local woman was paralyzed in a car wreck. Fortunately, her son did not wait to call The Segal Law Firm and tell us what happened. As it turns out, the car she wrecked in was set to be destroyed and disposed of just two days after he called us.


Because her son got a hold of us early on, we were able to call the company that had the car, buy the salvage and preserve the evidence. If that car had been crushed for scrap, we would never have known that a seat back failure was the reason she was paralyzed and she would not have had a case.


Two days. Two days is all it takes to lose crucial evidence for your case. Don’t wait to call us. The call is free and so are all the answers to your questions. Call us at 855-344-9100.