One of the saddest things we see as lawyers at Segal Law Firm occurs when a man or woman comes to us and tells us they’ve lost their spouse due to being electrocuted. Without question, our heart goes out to these victims.

Electrocution Causes

Electrical mishaps result in thousands of injuries and deaths each year in the United States.  Many of these injuries and deaths occur in the workplace.  At both work and home, some electrocutions involve negligence or actionable conduct such as unsafe working conditions, insufficient training, manufacturing or design defects in tools or appliances, shoddy workmanship by a repair person or failure to fix or repair a damaged power line.  The leading causes of electrocutions are contact with overhead power lines, wiring, transformers and other electrical parts.  Often, tools, appliances or light fixtures are involved as well.

Electrocution Injuries

Exposure to electricity can result in a wide array of injuries including internal and external burns, abnormal heart rhythm and kidney damage.  In some circumstances, electrocution can cause damage to the nerves and to the brain resulting in seizures, short-term memory loss and personality changes.

Electricity provides us great comfort.  Life as we know it would cease to exist without electricity powering our homes, businesses, offices, industry, workplaces and recreational activities.  But, there are inherent dangers.  If you or a family member suffered a severe or fatal electrical injury, you should contact The Segal Law Firm to determine whether you have the grounds to bring a lawsuit.