Hiring a lawyer for a wrongful death case in aviation tragedy is one of the most serious decisions you will ever make for your family and for yourself. These are not simple investigations and it’s absolutely imperative that you find an attorney who has extensive experience in this part of the industry. They have to know your legal options, which agencies to contact, where to start digging for answers and so much more.

Typically, a case like this will start like any other- with a call to my law firm. These individuals who have had a loved one killed in a plane or helicopter crash just want to know what their legal remedies are. I think it’s very important during that first call that you get all of your basic questions answered. You should know that my firm doesn’t charge you a dime of legal fees unless we win you money. Hopefully that will ease your mind right away.

Another thing we should be speaking about during that first meeting is my experience. You should never hire a lawyer without questioning them about the types of cases they’ve done that are similar to yours. I welcome those questions. What kind of helicopter crashes have I done? What were the results of those cases? How long did they take? Don’t be afraid to be upfront because you are entitled to those answers. You should walk away from that first phone call with all of your questions answered, feeling protected and secure in your decision.

Once we’ve decided to work together and a contract has been signed, we’ll start our communication with the federal investigators. Helicopter and airplane crashes are investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board and they will send folks from different parts of the country to investigate the crash immediately. Typically a crash occurs because of weather, mechanical failure or pilot error. Many people assume that the final NTSB report won’t be available for a full year and, while that’s true in many cases, your attorney should know that there are early reports issued on probable cause. We can formulate the basis of a lawsuit very early on, using these reports. Many times there is no dispute about what caused the crash, even if the investigation is ongoing. If it’s pretty apparent what happened, we can get the ball rolling for your family very quickly.

If your loved one has been killed in a plane or helicopter crash, you’re going through a devastating period of life. I mean, these are horrible, horrible deaths and they take a toll on the entire family. The least I can do is assure you that you’re in good legal hands. Call us here at The Segal Law Firm so that we can tell you that your legal problem does have a remedy, there is a solution and that you can get a lawyer without being charged until the end of your case. Most importantly, you get the peace of mind in knowing that someone with over thirty years of experience is dealing with your family tragedy and you can get back to protecting each other as a family unit. Please call us toll free at 855-344-9100.