Coal miners deserve and have the right to expect to be trained – and it is federally and state mandated that they are entitled to be properly trained for their job.

At the Segal Law Firm, we can help them understand what they need to know about their job to protect their own safety. Employees have the right to have equipment properly maintained using the manufacturers specification, as well as parts for critical pieces of equipment and the safety features provided. Lastly, coal miners are entitled to a safe working environment. This would include rock dusting, proper ventilation, and proper maintenance of equipment with regards to having water on certain cutting heads – all kinds of different safety features on machines.

But safety training is vital and miners have to be environmentally safe in their work and have the right equipment and tools to do their job safely. Deep coal mining is a very, very risky and difficult job on its best day. Coal companies have an absolute responsibility under state and federal law to help our miners stay safe and to send them home to their families safe.

It takes a real effort on the part of the management to make sure their training services are not just lip service but are real. Equipment needs to be maintained the way the manufacturer of the equipment intended for it to be maintained. And this isn’t simple stuff. There are manual after manual after manual, as well as videos – online training on how to maintain this equipment pursuant to the manufacturers specifications.

“Out by” work is critically important and tantamount to safety. Proper rock dusting helps keep explosion risk to a minimum. Proper changing and ventilation work helps keep noxious gases out of the mine and out of the working area and once again reduce the likelihood of explosions.

You want to look at the three broad categories of what needs to be done carefully:

  • Training of our coal miners so they know how to protect their safety.
  • The proper maintenance of the equipment.
  • The proper maintenance and maintaining of the environment in which they work in to keep them safe and get them home to their families.

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