Here at The Segal Law Firm we have a lot of experience working with mesothelioma clients, most of them being industrial workers who have worked in power houses or chemical factories over the years. But it doesn’t stop there. The asbestos used in these plants was so toxic, that it affected not only the workers, but their spouses and children as well. We’ve also seen multiple cases at the firm where the victim has no idea why they are infected and how it happened. It’s our job to figure that out.

One of the first things you should do if you get a mesothelioma diagnosis is contact an attorney, even if you don’t know how you were exposed. For example, I got a call from a physician who had developed mesothelioma and had no idea how it was possible. I started asking him questions and it turns out, for two summers he worked at steel mill to pay his way through medical school. Two summers! That’s all it took for the asbestos to infect him. Another client was a professor at a university. Sure enough, he worked one summer at a chemical factory scraping old asbestos off factory pipe. Because we have thousands of depositions from workers in our files, including the ones at that exact chemical plant, we were able to figure out which type infected the professor and help him prove his case.

One of the most common, unsuspecting victims we’ve seen are the industrial workers wives. These are women who, over the years, were shaking out their husbands’ coveralls and getting them ready for the laundry. Just that little exposure to the asbestos coming off the clothing was enough to give them mesothelioma. Tragically, we’ve also seen this happen to the children of the workers. They helped shake out Daddy’s work clothes and forty or fifty years later, they are in my office asking for help. It’s very important that these folks contact me so I can go through my depositions and figure out exactly which asbestos was brought home.

So the sooner you call me, the sooner I can help you figure out how you or a loved has been infected with this horrible cancer. You never know what question I may ask you that will turn a light bulb on and help you remember where you may have been exposed. Once we know that information, I can start talking to you about the investigation, what your options are, and what we need to do to prove your case. If you or a loved one has been stricken with mesothelioma, please give us a call and let’s see what we can do. Our toll free number is 855-344-9100.