Class action lawsuits are most often used in consumer cases where a large number of people have been cheated. This could involve an illegal interest rate where their bank or credit card company was applying inappropriate fees, or it could be something much more simple where a company produces juice that they claim is 100% natural. In reality, the consumer is being cheated out of about 50 cents a bottle. These small amounts aren’t worth going to court over on an individual basis, but when you look at the big picture and you’re talking about thousands of people who are being cheated, this is where a class action lawsuit is best utilized. Basically, a large group of people sharing a common loss all join together in a lawsuit.

There are class action lawsuits in both state and federal courts in West Virginia. Sometimes federal cases can involve securities, stocks and bonds. It may only involve pennies on the dollar, but there again, if many people are involved, the amount people are being cheated on can result in huge losses, even in the tens of millions of dollars, and a class action lawsuit is appropriate in these cases as well.

Class Action Lawsuits Must be Approved by a Judge

Aside from juvenile cases, judges traditionally do not interfere with personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits. However, in a class action lawsuit, judges approve the attorneys that bring the lawsuit, the attorney’s fees that are charged, and any settlements must also be approved by them. Their approval protects those involved in the lawsuit who might not be acquainted with the lawyer representing them and that protection assures that everything is kept public and transparent.

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