At The Segal Law Firm, we know exactly how to handle your tractor-trailer case because we’ve been doing them for over thirty years. It all starts with a meeting here at the office so that we can explain what your case will look like and how we’ll be able to protect you and your family.


How to Prepare

Give us a call here at the office to set up a time that we can meet and get to know each other, whether here in the office or over the phone. At the first meeting, it’s helpful if you have the accident report from the police and the dec card from your insurance company. Many people don’t realize that if the tractor-trailer’s insurance doesn’t offer enough money, your insurance may offer additional coverage.


If you don’t have those two things, don’t worry about it. We are used to investigating these cases here at the firm and will collect accident reports, medical reports and things of that nature, if needed.


Our First Meeting

At the first meeting, I’ll explain your legal rights and what type of lawsuit you have on your hands. It’s really important that you ask me all of your questions during this time. You need to know that I have the experience it takes to handle a case of your magnitude.


After you’ve decided that I’m the right lawyer for you, we’ll sign a contingency fee contract. At The Segal Law Firm, we don’t get paid unless we win you money. And we will have that in writing for you from the beginning.


Filing the Lawsuit

After the investigation, we will file a lawsuit. The lawsuit will most likely be filed in the county where the accident happened. There are instances that we have to file a case in federal court; maybe the driver or trucking company is from out of state. We would have that discussion here at The Segal Law Firm to determine where to file your case.


You need a law firm that knows how to quickly and efficiently start your tractor-trailer case. They have to gather the correct information, determine where to file it, and understand what it takes to prove your case to a judge or jury. Get your questions answered and get your agreement in writing. We can help you do that at The Segal Law Firm by calling 855-344-9100.