West Virginia handles mesothelioma cases faster than almost any other state in the country. An experienced law firm like The Segal Law Firm can get your case to trial in one to two years, which is extremely fast four a case of its kind. It all starts with a phone call to our firm.


What You Need to Know

Basically, you just need to be sure that your doctor has diagnosed you with mesothelioma. It helps if you have the pathology report, which is a piece of paper that proves that you indeed have this debilitating disease. However, if you don’t have it, we know exactly what we need to do to get it.


At The Segal Law Firm we collect work records, medical records, pathology reports and even a sample of the actual lung tissue, which is preserved in a wax block by the physicians. We are very experienced in handling all of that for a victim of mesothelioma.


Getting to Know Each Other

We’ll spend our first meeting just getting to know each other. You’ll want to be sure to ask all of your questions to find out what kind of experience we have with mesothelioma cases. If you’re healthy enough, we are happy to have you into our offices to see where your case will be handled. But because mesothelioma is such a debilitating disease, I often travel into my client’s home to meet them and explain all of his or her legal rights.


Written Contract

If you decide to hire us at The Segal Law Firm, we will write up a contingency fee contract. We only get paid if we recover money for you and that will be in writing from the beginning. It’s as simple as that.


Filing the Lawsuit

In West Virginia, a mesothelioma lawsuit is filed on the exigent docket, more commonly referred to as the ‘rocket docket.’ The procedures of that docket allow us to get a case to trial in a year two years. The case is filed in a Kanawha County circuit court and the same judge handles the cases during different times of the year. We don’t have to hassle the victim or the victim’s family during this time because the process is simple and efficient.


Don’t wait to call us. We have years and years of experience handling mesothelioma cases and we know just what to do to make sure you and your family get the protection you deserve. Call us toll free at 855-344-9100 and let’s get started.