The diagnosis of mesothelioma is a very difficult one to process. We at The Segal Law Firm have been dealing with these types of cases for over two decades and understand how trying this time can be for the victim and his or her family. We’re here to give you some peace of mind after you’ve learned that you’re suffering from this debilitating disease.

How Is Mesothelioma Diagnosed?
Usually a doctor notices a problem with your lungs, either dealing with pain or breathing, and will send you to a surgeon for a biopsy. The surgeon will take a piece of the lining of the lung or gut and send it to a laboratory where doctors use stains and observe it under a microscope. They then fill out a pathology report with the diagnosis of mesothelioma.

What Happens After the Diagnosis?

We will send those pathology samples to one of the leading scientists in the world on the disease mesothelioma. The scientist that we use will bill us for his or her reports. The Segal Law Firm, not the victim, pays those bills in advance. At the end of the case, once we’re successful, we will recover those costs.

There are no out of pocket costs for the victim, either in the diagnosis or in the prosecution of the case. The call and the questions you ask us about your case are completely free. You can talk to me about what it’s going to cost to get the case to trial and how are we going to pay for it. You’ll get all of that in writing. So costs shouldn’t be a factor when deciding whether or not you should call us.

There’s simply no reason not to pick up the phone and make the call. It’s not going to cost you a penny and it’s not going to obligate you to hire us.  All you’re doing is seeking information about what’s best for you and for your family and I’m happy to do that for free until we decide to have a formal relationship. Give us a call at 855-344-9100 and let’s get your questions answered.