If you live in the state of West Virginia and are considering legal action, there is a good chance you’re concerned about the potential costs of a lawsuit. After having dealt with hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years here at Segal Law Firm, we can appreciate the question, and although the answer is “it depends,” here are a few things to consider:

Lawsuits in West Virginia are handled in two ways:

  1. The fee is billed by the hour or most commonly, the quarter hour, for the actual time spent on your case.
  2. The fee is billed on a contingency basis.

When people are injured and unable to work, medical bills can add up quickly as a result of financial straits.  Depending on the complexity of your case, Segal Law firm uses a Contingency Fee Contract which means you are charged a percentage of what we win in your case.  This fee is typically 30 to 40% and occasionally it might be a little as 25% if a case is settled quickly and easily.

When your case is concluded, dependent upon whether it is a settled by jury trial or settlement, you will also be responsible for court costs.  These court costs include services such as court reporters, filing fees and obtaining medical records.

After these costs are deducted, the remainder is your portion of the settlement.

We understand this is a very light overview of a complex question, so if you would like further details as to what you might expect in your situation please contact us here or call 855-344-9100.