How soon should you call The Segal Law Firm after you’ve been seriously injured or a loved one has been killed in a coal mining accident? The answer is immediately.


Any coalmine injury that is severe enough to cause a serious injury to a coal miner or death has to be reported to state and federal mine inspectors right away. The state and federal mine inspectors will look into the cause of the injury and the miner is entitled to know about that investigation and what it reveals.


If you are a coalmine accident victim and don’t have a lawyer, you might be missing timely information that could protect you and your loved ones. We recently had a case where a coal miner knew to call us at The Segal Law Firm. As it turns out, the coal mining company didn’t even report our client’s injury to the federal investigators, even though law required them to. Because he had called us in time, we were able to notify the inspectors, who then opened a new case to not only inspect the cause of injury, but to investigate why the accident hadn’t been reported in the first place.


Luckily this coal miner called us in time. His call was free, our advice was free, and because we caught it in time, he got a proper investigation by a governmentally agency at no cost to him. We were able to preserve his rights and protect him and his family for the long-term.


If the coal company tells you they want to handle your injury behind closed doors, it’s a huge red flag. You need to call us right away. We’ve seen too many big coal companies take advantage of miners by keeping them on the payroll until the statute of limitations runs on their injury case. Then they are completely out of luck. There’s nothing we can do for you after your statute is up.


Give us a call so we can protect your legal rights and make sure your investigation is handled properly. We’re available toll free at 855-344-9100.