The first thing you should do if you’ve been hurt in a coalmine is to make a call to an experienced law firm, like The Segal Law Firm. We want to have a meeting with you and your family to talk about the accident, investigate the case, decide where to file your suit, and get you and your family the protection you deserve.


Give Us a Call

We know that this is an overwhelming time in your life. You might not be able to come to our office to meet us. We are willing to come to your home or wherever is convenient for you. We can discuss what happened and what information is available to us. That’s the best time for you and your family to ask all the questions you have about how we at The Segal Law Firm will handle your case.


The Investigation

The investigation can take a while because the state and federal investigators need to do a thorough job. An injured coal miner is entitled to all preliminary investigation reports and we at The Segal Law Firm know how to make sure you get them. We work closely with the family to make sure that if IMSHA or the federal and state regulators want to do an interview that the victim has a lawyer with them at all times.


Filling the Lawsuit

As the investigation continues, we collect that information. Once we have a clear idea of exactly what happened, we will file a lawsuit, most likely in the county where the coalmine is located.


What You Need to Know

Prior to the investigation, if you already have a copy of the federal or state reports, feel free to bring those to our first meeting. That will give us a jumpstart. But The Segal Law Firm is very familiar with collecting that information and conducting the investigation without troubling the family or injured miner. We do that every day. So don’t worry about what you should know and just give us a call.


It’s pretty simple. Don’t call the coal companies- call a lawyer. Get the process started sooner rather than later so that we can preserve your legal rights before the statute of limitations runs. It all starts with a toll free call at 855-344-9100.