How Will My Oil Rig Accident Case Begin?

Oil rig accidents cause some of the most severe injuries we see at The Segal Law Firm. If you or a family member has fallen victim to one of these accidents, we encourage you to call us and ask us how we handle cases like yours.


The First Meeting

A case like this usually begins with a meeting between you, your family, and one of us from The Segal Law Firm, typically me. Unfortunately, because of the nature of these accidents, many of these first meetings begin in burn centers. We welcome clients to come to our office to meet us and see where their case will be handled, but we are more than willing to meet you or a family member whenever it’s convenient.


Contingency Contract

If you decide that I am the right lawyer for your case, we’ll write up a contingency fee contract. It’s a document that we both sign that guarantees you will only pay us attorney’s fees if we win you money. It’s really important that you get all of your agreements in writing from the very beginning.


Filing an Oil Rig Case

After the federal or state authorities investigate the case, we get our hands on the accident report as soon as possible. We can then file the case in the state or federal court nearest to where the oil rig injury occurred. A lot of times the drilling companies are from out of state, so you might end up in federal court instead of state. The lawsuit will start there and progress through that system of justice until the worker receives a settlement or a jury verdict in their case.


You should always call a lawyer before talking to the company that hurt you. We’ve seen an awful trend in West Virginia of these big companies promising to take care of an injured worker, only to fire them when the statue of limitations on the case has run. Then the victim is left with absolutely zero recourse for their family and future. Call us first so that doesn’t happen to you. We’re here toll free at 855-344-9100.