Gas pipeline explosions are a devastating event that often hurt people and property. Because of their rarity, few people are aware of their rights when such an unfortunate event occurs, and often are left wondering if they have any type of legal case, especially if they’ve personally been injured or their property has been damaged. In order to determine these rights and your ability to bring a lawsuit, the highly technical aspects of how pipelines are constructed and maintained must be considered.

What Causes Gas Pipeline Explosions?

Often times, improper construction, or the failure to properly maintain or seal off an abandoned gas pipeline, can result in explosions which injure people and property. The Segal Law Firm conducts a thorough investigation into the construction of and maintenance of pipelines when determining how to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Law Firms that have Experience in Gas Explosion Cases

On October 17, 1983, the Davis Creek Foodland on Oakhurst Drive, in Charleston, West Virginia, exploded as a result of a leak from a Columbia Gas of West Virginia pipeline. Scott S. Segal successfully brought a lawsuit on behalf of the manager of the Foodland and ultimately tried the case to a successful verdict for the plaintiff. Scott S. Segal was able to demonstrate to the jury that both improper maps and the improper abandonment of a portion of a gas line distribution system caused the leak which led to the explosion of the Davis Creek Foodland which injured the manager who was inside at the time. This successful verdict demonstrates how a thorough investigation can result in a successful result.

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