There are plenty of folks who come to West Virginia from out-of-state to work. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen on site that cause severe injury and even death.  So what legal recourse do these workers have in our state?


In addition to worker’s compensation rights, here in West Virginia we have what are called deliberate intent cases. If you can prove the company you were working for violated a safety regulation that they knew was putting you in danger, you can sometimes bring a lawsuit against them. It’s important you explore that option as an out of state worker before assuming you have no options here.


You can also occasionally sue a third party that hurt you. For instance, you may be on the job, but get injured by someone who isn’t an employee of your company. Let’s say you’re working on a gas rig as a welder, and an equipment truck runs over you, but another service company employs them. Well, in West Virginia, you have a right to sue the third party service company that ran you over.


My advice to out of state workers who are injured on the job is to always call us here at The Segal Law Firm. Explain that you’re from out of state and that you got hurt here in West Virginia. I’m happy to tell you what your options are. The call is free, the advice is free, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing what it is you can do to protect you and your family. Call us and ask us about our experience at 855-344-9100.