I was Injured at the Pool. Do I Have a Case?

When the heat rises in the Summer, most people love to run to the pool for a quick cool-down and Summer fun. But this can also mean that there is an increase in pool related injuries.

At times, pool fun can turn to tragedy.  Some 400 children ages 0-14 die in pool and spa drownings each year. Another 5,000 are treated for injuries in emergency rooms. Some of these injuries are severe and life changing. Portable pools such as those that are inflated in back-yards account for 10 percent of all pool drownings for children under the age of five. Drains in larger pools and spas can also be a danger.

Pool Safety is Key

The Segal Law Firm promotes pool safety, and here we provide some basic safety practices that help keep families safe and having fun at the pool:

  • Always watch children;
  • Teach children basic water safety;
  • Keep away from drains, pipes and openings to avoid being entrapped;
  • Keep a cell phone close by;
  • Learn to swim;
  • Learn CPR.

Would you like to know more about pool related injuries and pool safety? Have you or a loved one suffered a serious injury or a fatality at the pool? If so, please call The Segal Law Firm so that we can explore the facts and determine whether there is merit to bringing a lawsuit.