Most people who come to me with a mesothelioma diagnosis have no idea where to start processing that information. It’s usually not something they were prepared for or have dealt with in the past. At The Segal Law Firm, we specialize in dealing with mesothelioma and are completely ready to handle your case. We know the incredibly damaging effects the disease has on its victims and their families and we do our best to quickly find out where exposure occurred so that we can get our clients the help they deserve.

The process of starting a mesothelioma case begins with the official diagnosis of the disease. Typically, this conclusion is drawn from a biopsy of the lining of the lung or gut, given by a pathologist. From there, it’s up to us at the firm to determine where the victims were exposed to the asbestos and whose asbestos was being used. We have depositions of thousands of workers and those statements help us figure out which specific asbestos products were used at various locations over an entire century.

At that point, we want to file a notice that permits our client’s sworn statement to be taken as soon as we can. When you file a typical lawsuit, you do something called discovery, which is answering questions under oath. In West Virginia, however, we have something called the exigent docket, which is also referred to as the rocket docket. We have two judges who work very hard trying mesothelioma cases and moving them through the court system as quickly as possible. This allows us to get people with mesothelioma cases to trial within a year or two of diagnosis.

This expedited process is crucial, as the disease is very aggressive and forces us to move fast. One of the first things we do is get our client’s statements under oath on video, so that he or she can explain how and where they were exposed. This is critically important because it’s possible that the victim of mesothelioma may become too sick to testify in court. If this happens, it’s important that we have them testifying on video so that the jury can get to know them a little bit. They can hear how and where they were exposed and also what their life was like up to this point.

These early steps are some of the most important parts of processing a mesothelioma case. I always say it’s good to contact us sooner rather than later, because many of these steps simply must be taken to get your case to trial. I have years of experience doing this and I can help put your mind at ease, should you or a loved one be diagnosed with this ravaging cancer. Unfortunately, I get too many calls telling me that Dad has been dead for three or four years and I can’t do anything to help them at that point. That’s why you need to call us as soon as you have any information that leads you to believe you’ve got mesothelioma. I can help get you on the right track to protect you and your family. If you have any questions about the trial or investigation process, please call us at The Segal Law Firm and let’s get you some answers.