The law that protects people who have been hurt in accidents is extremely complex. Yes, you do have two years in most cases to file your lawsuit. But it’s important that you understand right away what your legal rights are, so that critical information isn’t missed and evidence doesn’t disappear.


Evidence is NOT like a fine cheese.

It doesn’t get better with age. It actually disappears altogether. The quicker you pick up the phone and make the free phone call to The Segal Law Firm, the sooner we’re going to be able to gather the evidence that will prove your case.


We’ve seen it time and again. Folks will call us with a really good lawsuit as a result of a defect in their vehicle. But they wait a few months to call and, by that time, their vehicle has been destroyed. Well, guess what? Without your vehicle, we can’t prove that the airbag didn’t go off or the seatback was faulty. If you call me right away, I can gather that information and make sure we can prove your case.


We can preserve that evidence in a variety of ways. We can write letters, contact government agencies, bring court orders, and even send out our own investigators. But if you don’t call us immediately, that evidence could be gone before we even knew it existed.


Sooner rather than later is always the answer.  The call is free and our advice is free. After that initial phone call, you can decide whether or not you want to hire us, but at least you know your legal rights and what the path ahead will look like. Call us toll free at 855-344-9100.