Mesothelioma – The Cold Hard Facts

There are three major different types of asbestos in North America and it’s hotly debated whether one or all of them can cause a mesothelioma. Fiber size and all kinds of technical, scientific issues pop up in mesothelioma cases. Before you go to court, you need a lawyer with experience in the medicine and science of mesothelioma. It’s important that you have someone that has experience with the history of asbestos, because it was known a long, long, long time ago how dangerous asbestos was.

You have got to win the case, explain to the jury the history of what was known and when it was known, to hold these companies liable. And you don’t just get to walk into the courtroom and say, “Hey, this is a meso case, give us a bunch of money.” You have to prove the history of why these products were used, and what the companies knew about how dangerous they where, what scientific material the company had available that the worker didn’t know about, and how they failed, year after year after year, to tell the workers this stuff is deadly.

Make sure you have a lawyer who has experience actually trying a mesothelioma case, experience with the science of mesothelioma and the medicine of mesothelioma, and last but not least, the history of the dangers of asbestos and why it causes mesothelioma.

Universally speaking, when we are done doing our research, we can prove that someone’s mesothelioma was linked to exposure. I’ve actually had a medical doctor who developed mesothelioma that worked in the steel mills while he was working his way through college and med school. Had another professor of botany who developed mesothelioma and we were scratching our heads about. This guy works with plants, how the heck did he get meso? Turns out he worked in a scrap yard, scraping asbestos off of old pipes, two summers of his college career.

Confirm the diagnosis with their physician. Be sure it’s the right diagnosis. Be sure they and their physician don’t feel the second pathological opinion is necessary because, quite frankly, many pathologist, if they’re going to make the diagnosis of mesothelioma, they like a second opinion. I have had physicians, very good physicians, send pathology to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, to the American-Canadian Mesothelioma Board, or just to another pathologist they trust.

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