Common Causes of Aircraft Accidents

Despite what many people think, airplanes and helicopters just do not fall out of the sky for no reason at all.  Pilot error, weather or mechanical failures are the most common causes of airplane and helicopter crashes.

Does the Segal Law Firm have experience in airplane and helicopter crashes?

At The Segal Law Firm, we have handled cases where a pilot’s misjudgement or poor judgement, weather and/or improper maintenance caused an airplane or helicopter to crash injuring or killing the passengers. Our experience with regard to pilot error, weather, and mechanical failures has permitted us to represent many passengers and pilots over the years who were injured or killed.

For instance, in one case we were able to determine that a pilot’s take off procedure, because of the prevailing weather conditions at the time, was inappropriate and unsafe resulting in a crash and serious personal injury to the passengers. We also have experience with mechanical failures in airplanes and helicopters as a result of improper manufacturing or improper maintenance.  The discovery of mechanical failures is a complicated and painstaking task which we at The Segal Law Firm pride ourselves in getting to the bottom of what happened and why.

What will you investigate?

Because it is important to know why and how an aircraft crash occurred, it is important to be sure that all causes, or potential causes, of the crash are properly investigated. At The Segal Law Firm, we pride ourselves in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to representing injured or deceased passengers of aviation accidents.

Should you have any questions concerning the most common causes of an aircraft accident, please do not hesitate to contact Scott Segal at The Segal Law Firm at 1-855-344-9100.