There are two critical pieces a good lawyer must have to handle a nursing home case. First is experience with nursing home cases and knowledge of the state and federal regulations that affect them. More importantly, your lawyer must have a deep compassion for the elderly. Other than our children, our elderly are the most fragile segment of our society and nursing home neglect is typically as a result of compassion-less, cold hearted, money-grabbing corporations who don’t care about your grandma or grandpa. It’s your attorney’s job to understand that on a very personal level.


The regulations that cover nursing homes are vast. There are rules as to what they are allowed to do and how they are supposed to be staffed. There are requirements for the number of people who have to be working at any given time. You need a lawyer who has experience with those rules and regulations on a state and federal level. Those laws are on the books to protect your parents and grandparents. We’ve seen people walk out of their nursing home and get killed. We’ve seen people starved to death. At The Segal Law Firm, we know what to look for and where to get the information to protect your family member if these horrific abuses occur.


Your lawyer has to be experienced in this specific area of the law so that they can do a proper investigation and get the best expert witnesses. For instance, here at The Segal Law Firm, we usually use an expert witness in nursing home cases from Florida. Why Florida? Well, it’s one of the largest nursing home states in the country. There are a number of very talented, knowledgeable, expert witnesses that we at The Segal Law Firm tap into so that we know our clients have the best analysis of the lack of care that their mom or dad suffered. Our experience allows us to translate that for the jury and the judge so that they can understand how horrific the death or injury was.


I suggest you pick up the phone and let me know what happened. As we grow older, it’s our job to become the parents to our parents. They protected us earlier in life and now it’s our job to do the same for them. Nursing homes should not be allowed to get away with abuses, especially when it’s done for profit. It’s crucial that you call us and get an experienced attorney on your side. We’re available toll free at 855-344-9100.