The experience of the attorney handling an oil or gas rig case is going to be critical to the injured person and their family because of different state and federal regulations that come into play. Right now, here at The Segal Law Firm, we’re actually doing all kinds of different cases because of the tractor trailers and suppliers that are rushing to get to the Marcellus Shale.


We’re seeing a lot of accidents that are due to fatigue and exhaustion. You’ve got the people operating the equipment at the site that are being overworked. You have safety rules being bent or completely ignored on the rigs in regards to how to safely keep noxious gases and explosive materials from igniting and leaking out. Because of the rush to the Marcellus Shale, we’re seeing a number or people getting hurt and it usually stems from the companies putting profits ahead of safety. They’re rushing to get the gas and they’re not being careful or protecting the safety of their workers.


We just had a case at The Segal Law Firm not long ago where we got into it very early and found out that the injury hadn’t even been reported to the authorities. The company cooked their books and basically tried to make it look like it was a no lost time injury, when, in fact, our client was stabbed by a piece of equipment. And when we told the federal government that they had been misled, they actually opened an investigation that proved to be very helpful to that family. So it’s really important that someone with experience know right away who’s investigating this for you and your family. If the investigators have been misled by the company, critically important evidence may disappear before anybody can get to it.


Our experience at The Segal Law Firm allows us to look at the players and circumstances and figure out what happened. Was it a sub-contractor? Was it coworkers who were not properly trained to be doing the job they were doing? Was it worn out, worn down, and improperly taken care of equipment that caused the injury? Was it skipping safety steps that control noxious and explosive fumes that lead to this injury?

You’ve got to look at the big picture and zero in using your experience on the actual cause of why the individual got hurt to decide who should be sued. Don’t be afraid to ask your family lawyer to find someone who might be a better fit for the job. We get calls all the time from local lawyers who are seeking a firm that has more experience in oil and rig cases. We’re happy to take those calls and we’re also happy to talk to you. The number is toll free and the advice is as well. Call us at 855-344-9100.