If you are injured in West Virginia, you are not required to hire a lawyer within the state. However, if you hire a lawyer from out of state, they must either be admitted to the West Virginia State Bar and have an office in the state, or they will need to hire a lawyer within the state to work with them on your case.

It would make better sense to hire an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer here in West Virginia, with a good track record. It will be less expensive for you in the long run and a West Virginia lawyer will know the area and how to work through our court systems more effectively than someone who doesn’t regularly practice here.

Because of our years of service to the community here in West Virginia, as well as our knowledge of the legal system, the Segal Law Firm is asked to assist out of state lawyers quite often, particularly in the case of complex litigation. We will sometimes agree to assist in those cases, but we feel your best avenue is through a lawyer who is local to the state, thus assuring that the other side will recognize your lawyer is one who knows how to try your case to a jury.

If you have further questions concerning hiring a lawyer here in West Virginia, you can click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page or call 855-344-9100.