Since the gas boom began here in West Virginia, we’ve seen more welding trucks out of Alabama and Texas and Mississippi and Georgia than we do from West Virginia. And of course, those folks have no idea what their legal rights are if they get hurt while working here.

When someone is burned or injured on a gas or oil rig, as soon as you know the reason, you can pretty quickly answer the question, “Can I sue?” First, we want to know that worker’s relationship to the company that caused the explosion or caused the fire. Who was their boss? Who was their foreman? Was there an independent contractor or another company doing something that caused the explosion?

We can walk the worker and/or their family through the technicalities of the case and pretty quickly explain to them their rights and remedies under the laws of West Virginia. It’s important that they contact an experienced lawyer in the area of explosions and burn injuries – especially if they are from out of state.

Feel free to call us here. There is no charge and we are happy to talk about the case and look into it and tell them what their legal rights are before they make a decision about what they want to do.

If they are hurt in west Virginia, I can help them because I know the laws of West Virginia and if you’re hurt in West Virginia it doesn’t matter where you come from. The laws of West Virginia are what protects you if you’re hurt here. So don’t worry about where you’re from.

With my 30 years of experience, I’ve got lawyers in almost every state in this country that I do cases for because I have experience in those cases. What’s important is where did you get hurt? Not where you’re from. As soon as you call us we’ll be able to start explaining to you what laws in West Virginia protect, and how you can best protect yourself and your family using the courts of West Virginia and the laws of West Virginia for your remedies.

If you get hurt in West Virginia, you want somebody who has been there and done that. Contact the Segal Law firm today, call 855 344-9100.