I’ve mentioned in many previous posts that one of the best ways to get to know us here at the Segal Law Firm is by visiting our website and meeting some of our past clients. These folks aren’t actors or actresses; they’re real people, with real stories to tell about how we’ve helped them return back to a quality of life they enjoyed previous to their accidents and injuries.


One of the people you’ll find there is a young man who was injured in a hunting accident. His case is one of the most fascinating we’ve had the honor of working on. He was working as a hunting guide in a very remote part of Utah. He took a shot at an elk, but didn’t down him on the first shot. He took several more shots and missed. During a reload, he turned and rammed the bolt into the newly loaded shell, which passed through his lower leg.


The young man was bleeding out from the injury and there was no way to get immediate help. He eventually alerted someone via cell phone and was picked up by a helicopter. Unfortunately, he was not able to save his lower leg below the knee- it had to be amputated.


This young hunter was a tri-athlete. Losing his lower leg was a traumatizing blow to his lifestyle. He called us at the Segal Law Firm within in days of the amputation and we flew to him and his home in Iowa. There, we met with him and explained how we could work with another lawyer in Iowa to put his case together.


The interesting part of the case was he didn’t just need a prosthetic leg; he needed a swimmer’s leg, a runner’s leg, and a bionic leg that would permit him to go up and down inclines and steps without limping. We had to look ahead and figure out his life-care plan, so that we could get him all the money he would need for his future. These legs don’t last a lifetime; they have to be replaced just like any other mechanical device.


We’re very proud of the work we did on that young man’s case. Because of his stamina and will power, he is now married, working full-time and still doing triathlons. The Segal Law Firm was able to get him the money he needed to return to the quality of life he previously enjoyed. Visit our website for more stories like this one, or call us at 855-344-9100.