When you call us at the Segal Law Firm, it’s most likely because you’re experiencing one of the most challenging times of your life. You can ease a little bit of your fear and anxiety by visiting our website and meeting our past clients. One of those clients is an eleven year-old little girl who was the victim of medical negligence when she was just a few days old.


This little baby girl was born with perfectly healthy lungs. But as a result of a surgery on her second day of life, a feeding tube was placed directly into her healthy lung and stayed there for over fifty days. Every day she had at least two x-rays and still no one caught it. There were only three x-rays that were read correctly, and even with those, no one followed up with what the radiologist was telling them.


Luckily for her, she had two very caring parents that transferred her to another hospital where a surgery was performed to save her life. Unfortunately, she lost a lung during the process. Losing a lung can cause many, many problems throughout one’s life.  We had to assemble a team of medical experts so we could predict what issues this tiny baby girl was going to face.


In the end, we got a very nice result to protect her and her family for the rest of her natural life. I’m proud to say she will always have sufficient funds to take care of her medically.


When we filmed the video for our website, I hadn’t seen that baby girl for eleven years. I don’t mind sharing that when I saw her get out of the car, I started to cry. Walking toward me was a beautiful, healthy, young woman. She is living proof that it’s not about the money; it’s about what that money can do to protect families in these situations.


In that case, we were one of the only law firms that this little girl’s parents could get to listen. We listened, and we responded with what they should do to protect their family. If you find yourself in one of these terrifying, overwhelming situations, we can give you our free advice if you call us at 855-344-9100.