Real Cases: Benzene Leaves a Widow

One of the best ways to get to know us and what we do at the Segal Law Firm is to go to our webpage and hear it straight from our past clients and their families. One of those clients is a widow whose husband suffered from leukemia caused by exposure to Benzene and other solvents.


This gentleman worked at chemical facilities where Benzene and other solvents were used. He and his wife came to us a bit bewildered because he had developed this very rare form of leukemia.  Using our expert witnesses, we were able to determine this his leukemia was in fact the kind that is caused by exposure to Benzene. We then went back through his work history to figure out exactly where and how he was exposed.


Our client was alive for most of his case. Unfortunately, his leukemia came out of remission and took his life before we finished it. But because of the information we got from him, we were able to accomplish a nice settlement for his wonderful wife. We promised him before he passed that we would take care of her and we were able to make good on that promise.


This was an emotional case, but I’m very proud of the work did for our client and his wife. It was nice to know that she would have the money she needed, even after his income had stopped. She still sends me a Christmas card every year.


I know if you’re going through something like this that it’s one of the most trying times of your life. I have experience walking people through this legal process and I hope that my compassion and understanding lifts a bit of your burden. Call me toll free if you have any questions at all at 855-344-9100.