Putting together a mesothelioma cases take a special kind of experience on the part of your law firm. We can’t take things at face value; we have to dig, dig, dig, until we find out exactly where, when and how you were exposed to the asbestos that caused you to fall victim to mesothelioma– no matter how unlikely it seems.


If you go to our webpage, you’ll find some of our past clients who were kind enough to share the experience they had with the Segal Law Firm. One of those clients is a woman whose husband, a college professor, was diagnosed with mesothelioma. She called us immediately following diagnosis.


I had to scratch my head. How in the world could a college professor develop a disease that, in most cases, is developed in chemical plants or other industrial fields? Luckily, she called us early on in his development of the disease, so I was able to sit down with them and start asking some questions. Was there asbestos used in the college labs? Was it in the burners or hot vessels he worked around? No and No.


But I kept digging. I finally thought to ask him if he’d worked his way through college. It turns out that he spent every summer stripping insulation off of pipes that were being removed from a chemical plant. The light bulb went off. Once we had that piece of information and we knew which two summers he worked that job, we were able to prove which asbestos products he was exposed to at that chemical plant.


Unfortunately, one summer’s work is enough exposure to asbestos to cause mesothelioma forty years later. Forty years later, the poor guy’s dying of a cancer. Thank goodness we were able to get that information from him before he passed away, because his wife knew nothing about that summer job. Had she not had the foresight to call the Segal Law Firm as soon as they got the diagnosis, we might not have been able to prove his case.


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