Aviation cases are extremely intricate. We have to work along with the NTSB, the National Transportation Safety Board, and their investigators, as well as various manufacturers of component parts, and the airship itself.


We did a case at the Segal Law Firm dealing with a helicopter that was flying in the ‘dead man’s curve.’ If a pilot loses power to the helicopter in dead man’s curve, they can’t safely land it because it’s too close to the ground. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but the higher you are up, the more options the pilot has to safely land the aircraft.


Unfortunately, all the members on board that helicopter perished in the crash. I represented the youngest person on board. As it turns out, a spring about the size of one you’d find in a Bic pen was the cause of the accident that killed all those people. The NTSB did a test, and they were able to reproduce the crash with the actual jet engine. Every time they ran the test, the spring caused the helicopter to lose all fuel to the engine.


It was a tragic case. But because of our experience at the Segal Law Firm, we were able to get that family the result they deserved. Don’t delay in calling us and asking us about our experience with a case like yours. It’s a toll free call at 855-344-9100.