Mesothelioma is an extremely aggressive cancer. It is rarely, if ever, curable and almost always fatal. The settlements range for these cases based on several critical factors. First, how was the person exposed and how many products containing the asbestos can we prove they were exposed to.

How the Segal Law Firm Handles Mesothelioma Cases

A critical part of what we do at the Segal Law Firm is research to help prove a client”s exposure. We have literally thousands of workers’ depositions that identify the various types of asbestos that were used in the state of West Virginia in factories, power houses, chemical plants and other industrial facilities. The disease can tragically affect people in their 50s, 60s and 70s. For much older folks, the cases are worth less because their life expectancy at the time they contracted the disease was less than it would be for an individual who is younger.

Factors Affecting Settlements

Generally, you see settlements in Mesothelioma cases where you have very difficult product identifications and much older people. Those cases may only settle in the high hundreds of thousands of dollars whereas younger people with good exposures – that would be people in their 60s and early 70s –will probably settle somewhere in the millions of dollars.

It is a wide range, but we have to look first at what is the experience of this person as far as work and how are we going to prove how they got the Mesothelioma. Then, where they got their Mesothelioma and which asbestos products caused their Mesothelioma. Then we take their age and calculate a range of settlements that they are likely to achieve.

Now if we cannot achieve a number which the individual believes is fair to them and we believe is fair to them, we will go to trial. We have tried Mesothelioma cases at the Segal Law firm throughout the state of West Virginia.

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