Old woman in wheelchairThe Segal Law Firm has handled a wide variety of nursing home abuse and neglect cases. As improvements in health care allow more and more Americans to live longer, it has created difficult questions for caring for elderly citizens. Most adult children want to care for their elderly parents at home.  However, it often becomes very apparent that the demands of children, work, and modern life do not allow for it.  Thus, many of our senior citizens who are no longer able to fully care for themselves have to rely upon nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to provide care and sometimes treatment.

Who have you represented?

We have represented victims and their loved ones in situations such as a person wandering from a facility and being killed due to improper supervision.  Other cases include far-ranging circumstances such as burn injuries, asphyxiation due to eating foods that should not have been consumed and also serious injury and death from infections and bed sores. 

Is this type of case common?

Sadly, there has been a stunning increase in reports of abuse and neglect in facilities trusted to provide care.  When that happens, a trust is breached and the rights of the elderly and their families are violated.  At The Segal Law Firm we will work hard for families and their loved ones who are the victims of nursing home abuse and neglect.

Do you feel like a loved one in your family has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect? If so, please contact The Segal Law Firm so we can set up a consultation.