The History of Mesothelioma Matters

Before you hire a lawyer for your mesothelioma case, you’ve got to know that he or she has intimate experience with the history of the disease. It’s critical to understand not only the history of the medicine and its causes, but also how, when, and where asbestos was used throughout history in a variety of different fields and products.


How, When and Where?
How was asbestos used? What was it used for? Who was it used by? And when did the companies using it know about the dangers associated with asbestos? Hundreds of different companies used asbestos for insulating pipe, boilers, and ships. They used it for building power houses, chemical factories, and doing electrical work. I could go on and on. Your lawyer has to know exactly where the asbestos was used.


Your attorney also needs to understand the history of what the asbestos companies knew about their products when they were manufacturing them. Someone with the experience like I have in these cases will be able to explain to the jury how and why these tragedies have occurred from a historical basis. They can also explain why these companies did nothing to protect the workers form something that they knew would ultimately kill them.


Medical History of Asbestos

Another area critical for your attorney to understand is the history of asbestos itself. When were the dangers known? When was the medical literature released? It was then that the asbestos companies should have known they were exposing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of workers, to the dangers of the product.


Experience with Mesothelioma
Last but not lease, you need to have someone with a great deal of experience with the medicine and causation of mesothelioma. Most people think the people who get the disease are the ones who insulated the pipe or furnace. Well, that’s certainly true. But here at The Segal Law Firm, I have represented many wives and children of workers who were exposed because they shook out clothes when their husband or father came from work. You need someone who has the experience to dig and dig until you know why the person developed mesothelioma.


Not so long ago, we investigated a case for a physician. And I said to him, “Doc, how in the world did you get exposed to asbestos?” We couldn’t wrap our minds around it. Then we figured out that he had worked in a steel mill one summer to pay for medical school. And the light bulb went off. Because I knew that only two summer exposures were enough to cause the mesothelioma, we had a case. And if you don’t have the experience and the knowledge of the medicine and history to realize that a brief exposure of just one or two summers could cause mesothelioma, you might miss it.


The experience comes into play in a major way when you’re trying to figure out how a person became a victim of this horrible disease. You’ve got to have it prove your case. Call us toll free today at 855-344-9100.