Coal truck negligence leads to some of the most tragic and deadly accidents that we see here at The Segal Law Firm. There are several types of negligence that could lead to these horrific wrecks and your attorney must have experience with each and every one of them. That’s what it will take to fight these big coal companies and get you the results you deserve.


Driver Error

Most commonly, we see a lot of drivers who were going too fast or hogging the road. They are in such a rush to get the load to the destination that they disregard speed limits or the condition of the road, and they end up causing an accident. Here in West Virginia, our roads are extremely narrow and these trucks are big, wide and heavy. When they crash into a car, it’s not going to be the rig that takes the beating.


Maintenance Issues

There are more sophisticated types of accidents that occur due to improper maintenance. I’m handling a case right now where a coal truck’s brakes completely failed and my client was rear ended while she was legally stopped at a red light. She’s now paralyzed. There are several ways a maintenance issue could manifest itself into an accident and your lawyer has to know where to look in order to figure that out.


Drugs and Alcohol

Unfortunately, we will also sometimes find out that the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These drivers are operating a very heavy piece of equipment that is filled with coal and the inappropriate use of these substances greatly impairs judgment. They don’t drive as slowly as they should, they don’t stay on their side of the road, and they eventually cause a terrible accident.


Whatever the Cause, Find the Experienced Attorney

We pride ourselves here at The Segal Law Firm on turning over every stone we can to find out why a coal truck accident has injured or killed one of our clients. When you have an experienced attorney that the coal companies know will go up against them financially and with talent, you’ve got a winning equation. The coal companies know The Segal Law Firm will spend the money it takes to prosecute the case to trial, if necessary.


If you have a lawyer who is inexperienced, the coal company is going to make sure they cost them as much money as they can, until they get the law firm to the breaking point. That’s not the kind of lawyer you want if you’re going to stand up to big coal. Call us at The Segal Law Firm toll free if you’ve been hurt in a coal truck accident at 855-344-9100.